A jack with a 100mm wide base has been introduced by Simplex to its range of Pow’r Claw¨ self-contained hydraulic track jacks. The Bridge & Trestle jack is sufficiently narrow to fit between double-set sleepers on bridges. One man can lift up to 10 tonnes from the toe or the cap, making the Bridge & Trestle jack ideal for spreading or jacking from pilings or piers located beneath the deck.

As with other Pow’r Claw track jacks, the Bridge & Trestle jack is designed to reduce the risk of back injury. It has a lightweight design (about 25 kg), making it easy to position. Low handle effort of 40 kg allows one man to lift heavy loads, and the removable pump permits conversion from a self-contained jack to a remote jack. There is no ’kick-back’ if the lever bar is accidentally released.

Simplex, Broadview, Illinois, USA.

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