GRAMMER will be presenting two new seating ranges at InnoTrans, designed for use on inter-city and regional trains.

The modular IC3000 seat for long distance travel allows customers to select from a range of options to specify a seat tailored to their market. The two sizes of table offered include one designed around the size of laptop computers, and further options include power sockets, an extensive choice of arm, head and foot rests, and various seat and cushion widths. The IC3000 has been ordered for installation in first class sections of German double-deck carriages, and also meets the especially stringent fire safety requirements applicable in the UK.

The second seating family which Grammer will be showing in Berlin will be the D3000 ergonomics range. This automatically adjusts the contours of the backrest as the seat angle is changed. The lumbar hump adapts to the natural curvature of the spine, and the head cushion has a V-shape to cradle the head.

Train drivers are not being forgotten, and Grammer will also be showing its MSG 90.3 air-sprung seat, which is designed to prevent short-term fatigue and long-term back problems.