ZSSK Passenger has endorsed plans for the renewal of its obsolete rolling stock during 2006-09.

The proposals envisage conversion of nine East German-built BRcm couchette/buffet cars dating from 1984 into Type WRRm restaurant cars, and modernisation of 14 Bc sleepers as Type B.

A programme to modernise 64 Bmee second-class coaches to meet RIC standards for international operation is being developed, and ZSSK will call bids this year for the supply of three new 3 kV DC/25 kV 50Hz/15 kV 162/3Hz electric locomotives for use on EuroCity services from 2007-08.

Modernisation of Class 810 railbuses as Class 812 will be completed by the end of this year, along with a programme of refurbishment of 20 inter-city coaches. n