DISSEMINATION of warnings about safety-related problems with rolling stock, plant and other equipment is being accelerated with the commissioning of a near real-time secure website and database, developed by Interfleet Technology on behalf of Britain’s Rail Safety & Standards Board.

Replacing a fax-based system which could take hours to distribute National Incident Reports, NIR-Online will allow 1500 authorised users at 150 companies to report a safety defect to its national control centre in London. The centre will then validate the report before passing the information by text alert or e-mail to every NIR-Online user, requesting acknowledgement to ensure that every company is aware of each incident and can act accordingly until the problem is assessed and resolved.

Users affected by the issue or with similar plant can share comments with the control centre and other appropriate parties, allowing relevant products, damaged rolling stock and depot infrastructure to be restricted or put out of use in a controlled manner as soon as a report is validated.

Interfleet Technology, UK