CONCESSIONING of Mozambique’s 88 km main line from Maputo to Ressano Garcia near the South African border appears close to agreement. According to Ravi Nair, Spoornet’s Head of International Joint Ventures, a deal has been clinched with CFM and details are being worked out which could see US$40m invested in rehabilitation. The deal follows a two-year delay caused by Spoornet not being willing to agree to CFM’s financial demands. Spanish National Railways may join the venture.

Spoornet hopes to increase traffic on the line from 1·5 million tonnes to 6 million in four years. Additional traffic from South Africa, Zimbabwe and Swaziland would lift the total volume handled at the port of Maputo from 2 million tonnes to 9 million.

  • According to International Joint Ventures Manager Jan-Louis Spoelstra, Spoornet and black-empowerment firm Makhosi are negotiating for a concession to operate the 784 km railway between Addis Abeba and the port of Djibouti for 25 to 30 years. He is confident that current traffic volumes could be increased five times. Ethiopia may ask Spoornet to overhaul and upgrade the line. The consortium would consider taking a majority shareholding in the Djibouti - Ethiopian Railway.