STADLER Rail Group has reported a 2006 turnover of SFr787m, up 30% on 2005’s figure of SFr604m. Incoming orders for the year totalled SFr1·4bn. Production capacity was increased to meet demand, with the number of staff increasing from 1430 to 1990.

The company believes it has firmly established its place in the tram market during the past year, wining a major order totalling SFr276m to supply Basel with 40 Tango trams for BLT and 20 for BVB, as well receiving orders for 42 trams from operators in Bochum, München and Nurnberg.

Stadler will open a Polish subsidiary in Siedlce during September, and an Algerian subsidiary is to be established later in the year to maintain the 64 Flirts on order (RG 4.07 p205). The company is also hoping to expand into the S-Bahn market, with the development of a double-deck train targeted at Zürich.

Stadler believes it can remain competitive despite much of its work being carried out in the high-wage economies of Switzerland and Germany. It sees its strengths as technological innovation, an ability to offer customised vehicles, and focusing on value rather than price.