Norbain SD Ltd has supplied CCTV equipment for stations on London Underground’s Northern line, enabling station staff and the central control point at Stockwell to monitor platforms, escalators, passages and station entrances. Sony SSC370P cameras, Tecton multiplexers, video recorders from Mitsubishi and JVC colour monitors were installed by Cubic Transportation Systems Ltd.

Silverlink has selected Postfield Systems to install and maintain a passenger information system covering 21 stations on its Richmond - North Woolwich route, controlled from a Service Delivery Centre at Willesden Junction. Colour monitors on platforms and other public areas will show real-time train running information.

As supplier of a passenger information system to British operator Connex South Eastern, Sema Group has awarded Ferrograph Ltd a contract to supply six 42in Plasma panels and 14 multi-line LED displays for London Bridge station. Three-line LED displays will be installed at the entrances to each CSE platform.

The new passenger information system at Peterborough in Great Britain features a main display board comprising six 42in solid-state plasma monitors from Philips Projects, in addition to 40 colour TV monitors throughout the station. Designed and installed by Philips in conjunction with Sema Group, the real-time system runs on a PC linked to local train describers and train detectors as well as a central train-running database.

BritRail, the joint venture company responsible for marketing British rail travel abroad, has adopted RailPlanner journey-planning software to help customers plan their trips. Available on disc and CD-ROM with a range of electronic update options, RailPlanner contains timetables for domestic and Eurostar services, as well as coach and ferry links.

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