FAST curing and fire retardance are offered by the Tredfast 4004 two-part epoxy adhesive which is being used to hold down floor coverings at London Underground stations.

The adhesive will bond to metal, wood and concrete substrates with an initial hardening time of 4 h, making it suitable for rapid repair works. It is solvent free, and cures at ambient temperatures for safe application. Tredfast has low smoke emissions and toxicity in the event of a fire, so it can be used in high risk areas such as underground stations.

Tremco, UK

Cobra to link stations

THE REACH of Praesideo digital public address and emergency sound networks can be extended to over 50 km with a CobraNet interface unit.

Praesido is designed for use alongside metro lines, through tunnels and between buildings, and using CobraNet the area covered can be expanded above 244 zones by linking two or more networks with a 100Mbps fast ethernet connection. Each station on a metro could be equipped with a separate Praesido network, linked by optic fibre cables, with a central PC used to broadcast messages to all or selected zones. Interfacing with compatible units from other suppliers is also possible.

Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany

Products in Brief

Adaptaflex’s Korifit pre-wired flexible conduit eliminates the time-consuming operation of inserting cables, reducing installation times. The low-hazard halogen-free coatings are suitable for rail and metro applications.

Adaptaflex Ltd, UK

Mäder Group has launched an all-in-one polyester resin, gelcoat and water-soluble paint for rail applications which meets a range of European fire safety requirements.

Mäder Group, UK

A Duragalv 140 galvanised coating is used by Technorail to increase the life of its steel cabinets, staging and access covers. The 0·14mm layer is a particular help in coastal areas with salt-laden air.

Technorail, UK