FOUR more rail operators are buying Taurus electric freight locomotives from Siemens, based on the 400-strong fleet being built for Austrian Federal Railways. Siemens has already built a batch of the Class 1116 dual-system version for the Dispolok leasing pool. On September 7, Siemens announced that it had signed a deal worth €46m under which 15 two-system locos will be supplied to Hungary between June and December 2002. MÁV will get 10 ES64U2 units equipped for 25 kV 50Hz and 15 kV 162/3Hz, and the other five will go to GySEV.

On August 3, German Railway took delivery of the first of 25 dual-system Taurus locos designated Class 182 (above). These have been substituted for the last batch of Class 152 heavy freight locos being built for DB Cargo by Siemens and Krauss Maffei. A further pair of 1116s were supplied to Swiss intermodal operator Hupac at the end of June, to operate through piggyback trains between Germany and the Italian border.

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