EUROPE: Major rail projects in Italy, Austria, France, Germany, Slovenia and Hungary are to receive a total of €1·7bn under 11 Trans-European Transport Networks financing decisions signed by European Commissioner for Transport Antonio Tajani on December 5.

The money is being allocated under the TEN-T programme for 2007-13. 'I am particularly proud to announce the adoption by the Commission today of these 11 funding decisions', said Tajani. 'They will greatly contribute to making the Brenner Tunnel and the Mont Cenis Tunnel between Torino and Lyon a reality, and to start with the preparation of the railway line between Trieste and Divaca.

'Investing in key European transport infrastructure today is a demonstration that the European Union can respond to the economic crisis, in the short term by accelerating infrastructure projects, and in the medium term by creating the core rail network that will sustain Europe's competitiveness and meet the challenge of climate change.'

Project Scope Funding €m
Lyon - Torino French access to base tunnel 4·7
Cross-border studies and works 671·8
Trieste - Slovenia
Design studies Ronchi dei Legionari Sud - Trieste 24
Design studies Trieste - Divaca 50·7
Budapest - Miskolc - Nyíregyháza Preparatory studies 8
Brenner axis Base Tunnel works 592·7
Base Tunnel studies 193·4
Studies/works on Fortezza - Verona 58·8
Works on Erfurt - Halle/Gröbers 57
Works on Kundl/Radfeld - Baumkirchen 58·3
Genova railway node Studies for modernisation of Genoa Voltri - Genoa Brignole 5·1