ASCOM has won a €50m order from SNCF to supply automatic access control gates for 120 stations in Ile de France. As well as delivery and installation over the next five years, the contract covers maintenance and servicing for 10 years. The gates will be able to read both magnetic stripe tickets and contactless smart cards.

Swiss Federal Railways has placed an SFr28m follow-on order for 384 touch-screen ticket vending machines, and the upgrading of 675 existing machines to modern specifications. The software will be standardised to simplify maintenance.

Gatwick Express has installed six Ascom ticket vending machines at Gatwick Airport station, including two at a lower level suitable for use by passengers in wheelchairs (right). The touch-screen machines offer text in six different languages, accept payment by cash, credit or debit card, and are designed for future adaptation for payment by smart card and in euros. Real-time monitoring alerts staff to low ticket stocks or jams, and there is an on-screen maintenance procedure.

Ascom, Switzerland

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