Sir - Nabla fastenings will not be used on TGV Est (RG 3.04 p147). Since the end of 2003 RFF’s policy has been to use the Pandrol Fastclip as its standard fastening for both new lines and renewals. The high capacity tracklaying trains have been modified to lay Fastclips.

Nabla is only used for small works where a few metres of track are renewed. This to simplify maintenance, as it would be senseless to introduce a different fastening for a very short distance.

Over the 40 km section of TGV Est referred to in the article we are going to lay monoblock sleepers instead of the twin-block which are so far standard on our network. This is to conduct a thorough comparison, as we think that the former might offer some advantages despite their higher cost. For the same reason, a 3 km double track section will be laid with Stedef ballastless track, including curves and switches.

Only 15 of the 51 trainsets for TGV Est will be POS units for international services to Germany and Switzerland (RG 3.04 p149). These will be formed of new four-voltage power cars and eight refurbished trailers from TGV Réseau sets, whose power cars will in turn be matched with 15 new sets of TGV Duplex trailers. The 36 sets for TGV Est domestic services will be existing Réseau units cascaded from elsewhere by the delivery of the Duplex sets, which will of course be internally refurbished.

C Keseljevic

Manager of Benchmarking & Technological Development, Réseau Ferré de France