ON MAY 10 the lastest section of the light rail network serving the Spanish city of Alacant opened. Branching off the existing El Campello - Porta del Mar route at L’Illot, it serves new undergound stations at MARQ and Mercat, the latter having platforms 20?m below ground. The k110m city-centre extension was used by a total of 12 311 passengers during its first four days, and FGV hopes that the line will add a further 1?milllion passengers a year to the 3?million currently using the existing light rail route and connecting diesel service from El Campello to D?nia.The next phase of the LRT project, a branch from the El Campello - Porta del Mar route to Cap de l’Horta, was expected to open in June. Following its introduction to the Alacant bus and light rail networks, Mobilis contactless smartcard ticketing is due to be rolled out on FGV’s main network in Valencia.n