THEMOVEMENTS of hundreds of passengers at metro stations can be realistically modelled using Legion 1.3 software, which has been developed using research into crowd dynamics and the impact of spatial configurations on pedestrian movement.

Legion’s consultants have been using previous versions of the software since 1999 to produce detailed, objective analysis of station and walkway design for operators including SNCF and Hong Kong MTR. Now Version 1.3 is being licensed to consultants and operators for in-house optimisation of station designs and detailed analysis of operational scenarios.

Legion 1.3 can be used with established planning tools to build detailed safety cases for proposed station designs. London Underground’s Station Modelling & Standards Manager Simon Babes believes that ’the versatility of the data and the richness of the visual output’ will make Legion 1.3 ’a valuable tool when assessing scheme benefits’.

Legion Ltd, UK

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