GEC Alsthom Paxman Diesels has launched an 18-cylinder version of its successful VP185 engine (RG 3.95 p157). Rated at 3100 kWb at 1800rev/min for rail traction applications, the 18VP185 is 2158mm high, 3763mm long and 1450mm wide, and weighs 10·1 tonnes.

Intended to combine high output with compact size and low weight, the 18VP185 also incorporates features to facilitate maintenance. Lubrication and fuel oil filters have been positioned for easy access, with in situ maintenance of the crankshaft and connecting rods via crankcase doors. The two-stage turbocharger system has compact, automotive-type cartridges of rotating parts that plug into gas-tight, water-cooled casings, allowing quick replacement.

GEC Alsthom Paxman Diesels

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