Letter to the Editor

Sir - I read with interest the articles about Roma's public transport in Metro Report. I have to say that Roma did not deserve to host the UITP congress as its public transport is insufficient and badly managed.

The heavy graffiti on the metro is never cleaned off and that on Met.Ro's line to Viterbo is the worst I have ever witnessed. The stations on the latter line have been modernised recently but are not maintained regularly - lifts and other facilities are permanently out of action. Neither do most stations have sufficient signage and information, if any. And like most public transport in Italy, free leaflets showing maps, ticketing, interchange facilities and timetables are conspicuous by their absence. There is much more work to be done in Roma than described, but most of it is of the basic type which is carried out routinely in most other European cities.

David Haydock

Douai, France