INTRO: Sidetrack

NATIONAL Railways of Zimbabwe has launched a whistle-blowers’ fund, which will pay 2% of the value of recovered property to anyone providing information about theft from the company.

Public Relations Officer Fanuel Masikati said rewards will be ’given to the first person giving information of theft or other criminal or wrongful activity, which may lead to the recovery of stolen NRZ property, including that of our customers.’

In November alone NRZ lost Z$700bn of equipment including cables, point machines, transformers and location boxes.

’Theft and vandalism of signalling equipment, which amounts to economic sabotage, is causing train delays and derailments during this critical time of coal, fuel and grain movements’, said Masikati. ’Equipment replacement has significantly affected NRZ’s ability to timeously move freight between Gweru and Harare.’


This month Performance Rail Tie will open a factory in Southmayd, Texas, which will produce up to 250000 composite sleepers a year from materials including waste carpets. Produced under licence from ForecPro of Tulsa, the Cavity Ties use polypropylene and nylon from carpet fibre and backing, with a metal insert to provide strength