MOROCCAN railway administration ONCFM has awarded two contracts to Cegelec totalling €20m for electrification work on its two lines to Tanger.

Signed in Paris on December 11, the first covers the erection of 150 track-km of 3 kV DC overhead line equipment between the junction at Msaada, near Sidi Kacem, and Ksar El Kebir, plus the direct cut-off from Sidi Yahia to Mechraa Belksiri, which is now under construction. The second contract covers the construction of five substations for the same routes. Cegelec is already working for ONCFM on double-tracking of the electrified lines between Fès and Meknes and between Nouasseur and Jorf Lasfar.

On the same day ONCFM President Rabie Khlie signed a partnership accord with RFF President Michel Boyon under which the French infrastructure manager will provide technical assistance and staff training as well as planning assistance for the proposed Casablanca - Marrakech high speed line.