PUBLIC transport is an exceptional business, critical to our cities and economies. For over 120 years, the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) has existed to develop public transport knowledge and services. The Mobility & City Transport Exhibition has become a key tool in achieving a better mobility for people worldwide, and driving the development of public transport. A key trait of the exhibition has been the strength of the relationships either beginning for the first time, or growing from strength to strength in a trusted environment.World Congress delegates are a highly educated audience, on-site to examine the latest challenges and discover stimulating answers. These require the right materials to achieve them and exhibiting industrial partners, operators and authorities in Helsinki assure their vital participation in the whole value chain of public transport. We have witnessed the exhibition develop more formally as the foremost event for addressing the mid to long-term development of public transport. Authorities and decision makers from around the world will develop investment priorities over the course of these four days. Mayors and ministers incorporate an official visit in the exhibition for the 'Urban Decision Makers Summit', and we are pleased to combine the impartial and expert resources of the association with a visual illustration of hardware and industry expertise.Over recent years, the Mobility & City Transport Exhibition has incorporated a number of evolutions. Notable are the 'Expo Forum' sessions, which are now a well-recognised resource for making decisions and analysing the market. The programme this year is very strong, and will make a real contribution to the success of the event. A new 'Reference Section' will illustrate the long-term partnerships between industries, operators and authorities that can make our ambitions a reality. Finally, our 'Get-together party' allows us all a little time to take in the exhibition in a more relaxed atmosphere.This event stimulates rewarding partnerships, new investment and improved product development. We look forward to a productive few days.