UZBEKISTAN President Islam Karimov formally inaugurated the third heavy metro line in Toshkent on August 28, as part of the country’s celebrations to mark the 10th anniversary of independence from the Soviet Union.

The initial 7·6 km section of the Yunusobod line links Shahriston in the north with Lokhutiy in the city centre, with four intermediate stations. Interchange is provided at Lokhutiy to Oybek station on the the Uzbekiston line, and at Yunus Pazhabiy to the Chilonzor line station at Amir Temur Khyoboni.

Following the opening ceremonies, President Karimov rode the whole length of the line. He congratulated everyone involved in construction of the first line to be completed following the collapse of the Soviet Union, noting that ’we spent ... hundreds of millions of dollars, organising the construction work, not to mention finding huge capital investment. I hope this metro line will be a source of pride, not only for the residents of Toshkent, but also for the people of Uzbekistan.’

Two further sections of the new line are still under construction. One runs north from Shahriston to Fayzulla Khuizhaev and Yusonobod, and the other south from Lokhutiy to Zhanybiy with three intermediate stations. The southern section will eventually serve the city’s main airport.