Berlin S-Bahn (Photo: DB AG/Hans-Joachim Krumnow).

Berlin S-Bahn (Photo: DB AG/Hans-Joachim Krumnow).

GERMANY: Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg has launched the competitive tendering process for the remaining two portions of the 331 route-km Berlin S-Bahn network, covering the North-South and east-west Stadtbahn service groups.

Berlin S-Bahn trains.

Two lots cover the replacement of existing Berlin S-Bahn trainsets.

An OJEU notice published on August 7 invites bids for four separate lots, in line with the approach agreed by the Länder of Berlin and Brandenburg on May 2. These four lots cover contracts for the operation of the two service groups for up to 15 years, and 30-year contracts to finance, supply and maintain the rolling stock needed for each. The latter include the use of existing depots and/or the construction of new workshop facilities. Bidders will be able to apply for any of the four lots, or for any combination.

VBB said the procurement would require the supply of at least 327 four-car trainsets across the two service groups, with options for up to 213 additional sets, making a potential total of 2 160 vehicles. The authority anticipates that the largest procurement process in the history of the S-Bahn will be completed in approximately two years.


New stock has already been procured for the Ring sub-group.

A 15-year contract for operation of the S-Bahn Ring service group is due to start next year, having been awarded in December 2015 to the incumbent operator, DB subsidiary S-Bahn Berlin GmbH. This package includes the provision of 191 two-car EMUs of classes 484 and 483 which are now being manufactured by a consortium of Siemens and Stadler.

All three service groups are expected to transition to the new operator(s) one route at a time. The first of the North-South routes is expected to transfer with the December 2027 timetable change and the first Stadtbahn route in February 2028, but the last route would not transfer until September 2034. The operating contracts would conclude in batches of two routes at a time, with the North-South and Stadtbahn services being handed back between July 2041 and February 2043.


Berlin S-Bahn service groups
Ring routes Awarded December 2015Start date
S47 Spindlersfeld – Tempelhof/Südkreuz – Bundesplatz January 1 2021
S46 Königs Wusterhausen – Hauptbahnhof July 1 2022
S8 Wildau – Grünau – Hohen Neuendorf October 14 2022
S41/42 Ring Line April 14 2023
S41/42 Ring Line October 13 2023
North-South routes Lot 1Start date
S8 Hohen Neuendorf – Wildau December 13 2027
S86 Buch – Grünau June 11 2029
S2 Bernau – Blankenfelde July 11 2030
S25 Hennigsdorf – Teltow Stadt October 13 2031
S1 Oranienburg – Wannsee September 19 2033
S15 Frohnau – Hauptbahnhof September 19 2033
S85 Hauptbahnhof – Ostkreuz – Flughafen BER September 11 2034
Stadtbahn routes Lot 2Start date
S9 Flughafen BER – Spandau February 7 2028
S75 Spandau – Wartenberg August 6 2029
S5 Westkreuz – Strausberg Nord January 13 2031
S7 Potsdam Hbf – Ahrensfelde April 12 2032
S3 Charlottenburg – Erkner May 30 2033