Paris metro station (SofieLayla Thal, Pixabay)

FRANCE: A 25% increasing in investment is included a €1·6bn/year operating contract for 2021-24 which has been agreed by Paris operator RATP and regional transport authority Île-de-France Mobilités

The agreement covers 14 metro lines, 341 bus routes and eight tram lines, as well as the operation of RER lines A and B in co-operation with SNCF

The contract includes stronger performance-based financial incentives, with the bonus/penalty envelope quadrupled to €100m/year; 25% of this is to be based on passenger perceptions.


More than three-quarters of the performance objectives have been raised, including measures of cleanliness and the provision of passenger information, both under normal conditions and during planned and unplanned disruption.

There are specific systems for monitoring passenger experience during engineering works, reflecting a planned increase in the volume of works, and new performance indicators covering the availability of lifts, escalators and CCTV.

RER punctuality will be measured weekly rather than monthly, in order to obtain more precise data and avoid smoothing effects; the data will be broken down by branches rather than just by line. Monitoring of metro performance will also be enhanced.

Planned major investments include the renewal of rolling stock on RER Line B from the end of 2025, the delivery of MF19 metro trains by 2033, and replacement of the T1 tram fleet by the end of 2024. Diesel buses are to be eliminated by the end of 2025. The package allocate €57m allocated for improving air quality underground.

The contract is planned to be the last for bus operations which will be negotiated directly with RATP, and thus lays the grounds for future tendering.