CHINA: The inauguration of Nanchang’s fourth line on December 26 has taken the metro network in the Jiangxi provincial capital to a total of 128·6 route-km.


Running from Baimashan in the southwest to Yuweizhou in the northeast, the 39·6 km Line 4 serves 29 stations, including five interchanges. The westernmost section of the route and four stations are elevated, while the remainder runs in tunnel.

The line is operated by a fleet of 46 six-car aluminium-bodied Type B trainsets, which is based at a depot at Wangcheng. Trial operation began on August 15, and following the start of revenue service an initial headway of 6 min 30 sec is being provided.


The line is reported to be the fastest to be built in Nanchang metro, having been completed in exactly four years at a total cost of 28·7bn yuan. Construction began in December 2017, following authorisation of the line by the Jiangxi Provincial Development & Reform Commission on September 17 2016. During the construction of Tanzikou station in the city centre, close to the city’s main railway station, some significant archeological remains were discovered in June 2018.


The stations at Nanchang Bridge East south of the city centre and People’s Park to the north have been designated as ‘technological demonstration stations’. They are equipped with features such as a WiFi 6 next-generation communications network and intelligent video analysis.