SOUTH AFRICA: Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa has appointed Arup SA to develop master plans for the potential redevelopment of land around its major stations in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town. The ambition is to support regeneration by creating transport hubs with retail, office, social, health and leisure facilities.

‘The idea is to integrate the station’s activities with those of the city – to draw in pedestrians, taxi commuters, long-distance bus passengers and commuters – and create a transport hub, not just a railway station’, according to Nico Venter, leader of Integrated Urbanism at Arup SA. ‘From this, urban regeneration can flow outwards into the city and unlock development.’

In contrast to previous redevelopment proposals, Venter said the plans would not be for ‘a general bulk massing approach, which adds density to a station without any understanding of the dynamics of the area.’ Instead the project will review the needs of rail and other transport users, as well as retail and commerce, to develop the land ‘as a long-term investment, while regenerating the city.’