NEB Pesa Link DMU

GERMANY: The use of battery trains on non-electrified routes and a 30% increase in services are included in the next Netz Ostbrandenburg operating contract, which Berlin-Brandenburg transport authority VBB has awarded to incumbent Niederbarnimer Eisenbahn following a competitive tendering process.

Netz Ostbrandenburg (Map: VBB)

A total of 42 multiple-units will be used on the services, including 26 Siemens Mireo Plus B electric multiple-units equipped with batteries for operation on non-electrified sections of line, and 11 existing and five new Pesa Link DMUs for operation on route RB26. This has long non-electrified sections where it is not currently possible to charge batteries from overhead electrification.

Regine Günther, Berlin Senator for the Environment, Transport & Climate Protection, said battery-electric trains would make an important contribution to both climate protection and fleet modernisation, offering greater comfort and providing more seats to make services more attractive to commuters.

Brandenburg Transport Minister Guido Beermann, said the north and east of the Land would benefit from more intensive services and better connections to Poland.

The contract runs for 12 years from December 2024 and covers 6.7 million train-km/year.

Netz Ostbrandenburg services
Electric-battery multiple-units
RB12 Berlin Ostkreuz – Oranienburg – Templin Stadt
RB25 Berlin Ostkreuz – Werneuchen
RB35 Fürstenwalde (Spree) – Bad Saarow Süd
RB36 Frankfurt (Oder) – Beeskow – Königs Wusterhausen
RB54 (Berlin Gesundbrunnen/Lichtenberg–) Löwenberg (Mark) – Rheinsberg (Mark)
RB60 Eberswalde – Wriezen – Frankfurt (Oder)
RB61 Schwedt (Oder) – Angermünde
RB62 Angermünde – Prenzlau
RB63 Eberswalde – Joachimsthal
Diesel multiple-units
RB26 Berlin Ostkreuz – Müncheberg (Mark) – Kostrzyn
  • The Land of Brandenburg, Lubusz voivodship and VBB have launched the EU-backed RailBLu project to improve cross-border services. Plans include digital ticketing and measures to improve access to remoter stations.