Donghae Line station

SOUTH KOREA: Commuter services on the Donghae Line between Bujeon station in Busan and Taehwagang station in Ulsan were inaugurated on December 28, providing a 76 min journey time to create what the Busan city government called a ‘1 h megalopolis’ in the region.

Construction of the 2·8tr won double track electrified line started in 2003, with the first 28·5 km and 15 stations between Bujeon and Ilgwang opening in 2016. The latest extension adds 37·2 km and eight stations.

The local passenger services are operated by national operator Korail, using four-car Hyundai Rotem Class 381000 electric multiple-units running every 30 min, increasing to every 15 min at peak times.

The Taehwagang – Bujeon route will also be used by the second high speed line between Seoul and Busan, augmenting the existing Gyeongbu high speed line which serves a station more than 10 km from the centre of Ulsan. Future services running at 250 km/h will link Bujeon with Taehwagang, Jecheon, Wonju and Cheongnyangni station in Seoul in 2 h 50 min.