HUNGARY: On November 30 Stadler presented the first of 10 Flirt3 electric multiple-units that it is supplying to GySEV under a contact awarded in September 2016. Two EMUs are currently undergoing acceptance trials in Hungary. Built by Stadler factories in Switzerland and Poland, the first Flirt3 EMUs are due to enter passenger service with GySEV by mid-2018. Deliveries are scheduled for completion to enable the last of the 10 trainsets to enter service by January 2019.

At 77∙1 m in length, the new four-car EMUs are 2∙8 m longer than the 10 Flirts already in service with GySEV, and will be able to operate in multiple with these trainsets. The Flirt3 has a maximum speed of 160 km/h and 208 seats, offering ‘the latest standards of passenger comfort’, according to Stadler, including wi-fi and USB power sockets.