Herringbone night train design concept (7)

RUSSIA: A herringbone pattern concept for a long-distance coach interior which features berths positioned diagonally to the aisle as been presented by rolling stock manufacturer Transmashholding and Russian Railways’ Federal Passenger Co.

The concept was developed by 2050.LAB, and is the third in a series of ideas for potential replacements for the platskartny dormitory-style third class coaches which are widely used in Russia and the 1 520 mm gauge region. A ‘module car’ proposal was presented in 2019, and a version for the larger T loading gauge the following year. The second mock-up was a capsule coach presented in March this year.

Herringbone night train design concept (3)

The latest mock-up is intended for overnight journeys of up to 12 h, and features two design options. A personal capsule is designed for people travelling alone, and has the berth separated from the aisle by a wall and a curtain. The open compartment is designed for passengers who are travelling together.

Herringbone night train design concept (8)

There is a focus on providing individual features such as tables, shelves, lights and air vents. Each passenger has access to personal charging points, clothes hangers and wall pockets, and there is extra luggage space in shelves mounted under the ceiling.

Herringbone night train design concept (10)

The concept is designed for loading gauge T, which is wider and longer than the current standard. This increases the length of the usable space inside the car by 2∙9 m and the width by 280 mm, and allows the sleeping berths to be 150 mm longer.