Train and bus

HUNGARY: Integrated monthly bus and rail passes for travel within one of the 19 vármegyék (counties) or nationally are to be introduced from May 1, state railway group MÁV announced on February 18.

The monthly passes will be for valid on all national and regional bus and tram services outside Budapest, as well as on trains operated by MÁV-Start, GySEV and Budapest suburban operator MÁV-HÉV. However, it will not be valid on BKK urban services within the capital, or on reservation-only trains or in first class.

A full-fare adult pass for a single vármegye will be HF9 450, broadly equivalent to the cost of 15 litres of fuel at mid-February prices, and HF945 for students. The national adult pass would cost HF18 900, this will also come with a 90% discount for students.

According to MÁV, a key objective of the roll-out of the pass is to enhance public transport access within localities outside the Budapest conurbation, and to make leisure travel and tourism easier across the country.