COSTA RICA: President Luis Guillermo Solís has announced that state railway Incofer is to purchase an additional eight trainsets for 52m colones towards the end of this year, using a loan from the Central American Bank for Economic Integration.

Modernising the railway network would, according to Solís, enable Costa Rica to take a step towards ‘solving many of the problems caused by road transport which have been building up in this country for many years.’

According to Incofer President Elizabeth Briceño, infrastructure upgrades and the introduction of new technology are planned alongside the deployment of additional passenger rolling stock. ‘Incofer needs to modernise its whole transport system’, she said.

The new trainsets would have capacity for a total of 400 passengers and are expected to be delivered within 24 months. Incofer has previously purchased two-car Class 2400 DMUs formerly operated by FEVE on the national 1 000 mm gauge network in Spain.