Work on the US$500m Roca electrification programme started in 2015.

ARGENTINA: Electric services began operating between Berazategui and City Bell on April 24, marking completion of the latest phase of the project to electrify the Roca commuter route between Buenos Aires and La Plata at 25 kV 50 Hz.

According to the Ministry of Transport, work continues with the aim of completing electrification of the remaining 6 km between Berazategui and La Plata ‘as soon as possible’. It reports that the new elevated alignment over the 2 km between Ringuelet and Tolosa has been finished, and that the 132 kV traction substation at Quilmes that will feed the La Plata branch is over 60% complete.

Including the construction of new, higher platforms for level boarding, station refurbishment work continues at Plátanos, Hudson, Villa Elisa, Gonnet, Ringuelet and Tolosa. Work at Pereyra, Berazategui and Quilmes was due to start shortly.

Funded by the Inter-American Development Bank, work on the US$500m Roca electrification programme had started in 2015.