ITALY: Following the completion of a corporate restructuring programme and the consolidation of rail freight operations into Mercitalia, FS Group has appointed a new leadership team to run its national passenger business Trenitalia. With effect from the annual shareholder meeting on September 15, Tiziano Onesti has been named President, with the former Director of the Regional Passenger Division Orazio Iacono becoming CEO & General Manager. They will serve on the Trenitalia board until December 31 2019, along with Paolo Colombo, FS board member for Finance Antonella D’Andrea and Maria Rosaria Maugeri.

The new board will be responsible for developing Trenitalia operations in line with the FS Group’s 2017-26 Strategic Plan, focusing on the development of regional and urban transport, managing substantial investment in new regional trains for delivery from 2019, and developing integrated mobility services across the Italian public transport market.

Former President Barbara Morgante is to head up a new FS Group international business unit, overseeing six subsidiaries operating in five countries outside Italy, including Trenitalia UK, Netinera in Germany and Trainose in Greece.