VIA Rail’s High Frequency Rail proposal would enhance inter-city services on the Québec – Montréal – Ottawa – Toronto corridor.

CANADA: Cynthia Garneau resigned as President & CEO of VIA Rail with effect from May 20.

Chief Commercial Affairs Officer Martin Landry has been appointed to ‘ensure business continuity’ at the national passenger train operator.

‘After three wonderful years of diverse achievements, exciting challenges, and enriching encounters, I leave VIA Rail with a sense of accomplishment’, Garneau said. ‘I had given myself the objective to obtain confirmation for the High Frequency Rail project, and with the procurement process now underway, my train has arrived at its destination. It will now be up to another driver to lead the organisation through the next steps.’

Thanking her for her work, Chair of the board Françoise Bertrand said ‘the bulk of Cynthia Garneau’s tenure was during the pandemic; she faced extraordinary challenges while never losing sight of our ambitious modernisation programme and the wellbeing of our employees.’