Denver airport peoplemover (Photos Alstom) (1)

USA: Denver International Airport peoplemover operator Alstom has put into service the first six of 26 ‘top-of-the-line’ Innovia APM 300R peoplemover cars which it says will increase ‘capacity, efficiency and comfort’ at one of the world’s largest aviation hubs.

‘Manufactured in the US, and specifically designed for the airport, these trains are built to provide service frequency, safety and comfort for travellers from around the world’, said President of Alstom Americas Michael Keroullé after the first cars entered service on July 2.

Denver airport peoplemover (Photos Alstom) (3)

There are currently 31 cars in the fleet, of which 16 are now 29 years old. These are to be withdrawn as they are at the end of the service life. The new cars will expand the fleet to 41 vehicles this year, enabling the maximum number of trains in service at once to be increased from seven to eight four-car sets. The aluminium-bodied vehicles will also use 30% less energy than the existing ones.

The airport is also evaluating the use of longer trains to provide more capacity.