Dortmund H-Bahn

GERMANY: Planning is underway for an expansion of the H-Bahn suspended monorail in Dortmund, and the procurement of a new fleet of vehicles and control system.

‘We are talking about a completely new and trend-setting vehicle generation, which can then also be very interesting for H-Bahn projects in other cities and countries’, said Elmar Middeldorf, Managing Director of operator H-BAHN21. ’It can also provide important impetus for automated operation in general.’

May 2 marked the 40th anniversary of the 3·4 km two-route automated network, which carries up to 8 000 passengers/day during university term time.

Last year a study confirmed the viability of a proposed extension to Theodor Fliedner-Heim station on U42. A further study requested by Hombruch district council is now examining an extension to Barop Parkhaus station.

H-BAHN21 is in discussions with the Land of Nordrhein-Westfalen, transport authority VRR and the city of Dortmund regarding funding for the proposals.