Generic railway track

BRAZIL: Goinfra, the agency responsible for infrastructure and transport within the state of Goiás, has put forward legislation designed to facilitate the construction of rail projects by private sector companies.

The draft bill was unveiled at a workshop on railways held on March 8 in Goiânia and attended by state governor Ronaldo Caiado. The bill will need to be authorised by the state’s legislative assembly.

Under the proposals, concessions would be let for periods of 25 to 99 years, the aim being ‘to simplify the participation of the private sector in the creation of state railway lines and attract investments to Goiás’. Projects would be carried out in partnership with the state, which would act as a facilitator. Applications would need to include an assessment of the social and environmental impact of the proposals.

Goinfra President Lucas Vissotto said that ‘rail transport is at least half the cost of road transport, reaching a third in some cases. This initiative will be able, in the medium and long term, to reduce the cost of freight, increasing the potential of products from Goiás.’

Among routes being studied at the moment are Mineiros to Jataí and Rio Verde; Barra do Garças to Acreúna; Aragarças to Cocalinho; Niquelândia to Mara Rosa; and Catalão to Itumbiara.

  • On March 8 the first shipment of 1 800 tonnes of rail was delivered for tracklaying on the 383 km Mara Rosa – Agua Boa section of the Ferrovia de Integração Centro-Oeste. Being built by Vale, FICO is intended to facilitate the movement of export grain and other agricultural produce from the Araguaia valley in Mato Grosso to the Ferrovia Norte-Sul.