UIC head office

INTERNATIONAL: The International Union of Railways has formed a Covid-19 Task Force which will work with the rail section and external organisations to disseminate best practice on limiting and managing the disease’s outbreak while taking into account rail-specific issues and ensuring harmonisation within the railway community.

UIC said its experience of technical co-operation at the global level made it well-placed to bring together networks of experts for the exchange of best practice.

The task force held its first meeting by videoconference on March 5. Its objectives include monitoring developments related to the coronavirus; working in co-ordination with other international organisations and with public health authorities; exchanging and communicating current practices and solutions; and issuing UIC ‘potential measures’ for operators and infrastructure managers that could be implemented according to the risk level.

Focuses include passenger information and awareness campaigns; measures for staff; operation and business continuity; and communication channels between different stakeholders (rail sector, national and international authorities, organisations).

The next task force meeting will be held on March 17.