USA: Third quarter 2016 data on the implementation of Positive Train Control shows ‘uneven progress across the country and across railroads’, according to the Federal Railroad Administration.

Releasing data on November 28 which covers the three months to September 30, FRA said PTC was now active on 12% of freight track-km, up from 9% in the previous quarter, while passenger railways had increased their coverage from 22% to 23% of track-km. ‘Measurable progress’ in the passenger sector has been predominately on the West Coast, while East Coast operators other than SEPTA and Amtrak have ‘remained relatively stagnant’.

‘In order to achieve full PTC implementation, everyone has to do their part’, said FRA Administrator Sarah Feinberg. ‘Railroads must make implementation a priority, and Congress must make funding for commuter railroads a priority.’