POLAND: MPK Poznań inaugurated the first new tram depot in the city for 30 years on May 11. The 17 ha site at Franowo in the southeast of the city has room for 100 trams of 35 m in length, with provision for expansion to house 150 trams including 20 up to 45 m long. Unlike older depots, all vehicles will be stabled under cover.

Depot management is highly automated, with remote control of the 109 turnouts, detection of rolling stock condition and positioning of trams. A four-track maintenance facility includes a laser wheel measurement system, underfloor wheel lathe, lifts, ramps and a stand for crash repairs.

In addition to 250 tram drivers, there will be 100 depot staff. Franowo has absorbed the work of the Gajowa depot, which was recently closed, and will also replace the Madalińskiego depot which is to be closed soon. It will also be used to accommodate trams currently stabled at Budziszyńska.

A contract for construction of the new depot was awarded to ZUE and Elektrobudowa in 2011. The final cost was 258m złoty, 59% of which was met through EU funds.