Brest tram Line B impression

FRANCE: Brest Métropole has selected the Mobi-Brest consortium to develop a second tram line and an electric bus rapid transit route.

The consortium is led by Systra and includes SCE, B3I, LA/BA, Forma-6 and Ferrand-Sigal as joint contractors, with Copenhagenize, Toolz, AUAS and Artgéo as subcontractors.  

Brest tram Line B and BRT map

The 5·3 km tram Line B would run from the main station to Bellevue and Hôpital Cavale Blanche. It will require a fleet of 10 trams 30 m long, although the 11 stops on the route will have provision for 40 m vehicles. The project will include improvements to the Line A depot, and a stabling yard for Line B trams.

The BRT route will cover 4 km, with 12 stops, nine 18 m long articulated buses and a planned commercial speed of at least 14 km/h.

The launch of the new services is planned for the end of February 2026.

The project aims to improve public transport across the whole city, with the creation of 11 multimodal hubs and reconfiguration of existing services to reduce noise pollution and carbon emissions, particularly from cars.  

Systra said the project will would be developed using an integrated ‘ecodesign’ approach, taking into account environmental performance and the well-being of users and local residents alongside technical and economic factors.

Brest’s 14 km tram Line A opened in 2012, and pre-pandemic carried 12·1 million passengers/year.