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MALAYSIA: A consortium of Malaysian and British companies is to study the feasibility of developing an open data hub to facilitate public transport use and improve the passenger experience in the Klang Valley.

The study is to be undertaken by local transport modelling consultancy Atur Trafik, UK-based sustainable transport consultancy ITP and technology accelerator Connected Places Catapult, with funding from the Malaysian Industry Government Group for High Technology and the Newton-Ungku Omar Fund Grand Challenge. 

ITP said there is considerable variation in the availability and quality of bus service information, and while Google Maps and Moovit can be used to check real time information for more than 170 routes, not all services are covered.

The study will aim to understand user needs, with stakeholder interviews and workshops and the launch of an interactive, map-based community engagement website to generate greater participation. 

‘By putting passenger first, a bus open data hub can make journeys better for passengers, help authorities with better decision making and cost savings, increase revenue for operators and provide new business opportunities for the digital economy’, said Jeh Chan of ITP. ‘We are delighted to work on this exciting project to help develop the first steps in creating an ecosystem of MaaS, that is visionary and will create wider economic, social and environmental benefits for Malaysia.’