POLAND: A western extension of Sczcecin tram routes 1 and 3 to serve the city’s Netto Arena was opened for revenue service on December 18.


Running for approximately 1·2 km along ul Władysława Szafera, the double-track extension from Rondo Olszewskiego shares a dedicated tram and bus lane which has been built as part of an urban redevelopment programme. Intermediate stops are provided at Arena Szcecin and Szafera, along with a four-track turning circle at the Osiedle Zawadzkiego terminus.


Construction of the transport infrastructure as part of the neighbourhood remodelling has been undertaken by Eurovia Polska at a total cost of 125·2m złoty. This included major changes to the local road layout and the construction of four roundabouts as well as a park-and-ride interchange. The tram extension required 2·5 km of new track and 115 overhead line poles. As well as the reserved alignment for public transport, the road has two lanes in each direction plus dedicated infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists.

Provision has been made for a further 1·3 km extension of the tramway turning south to connect with the existing tracks in Żołnierska served by routes 5 and 7.