ISRAEL: Tel-Aviv light rail project promoter NTA has started test running with its Chinese-built LRVs on the first section of the Red Line, which is now under construction between Petakh-Tikva and Bat Yam.


The first of 90 low-floor cars ordered from CRRC Changchun in 2015 was rolled out in China in April 2019, and several vehicles have now been delivered to the Red Line depot at Petakh-Tikva Kiryat-Arie.

On May 31, a pair of units operating under their own power left the depot adjacent to the Israel Railways station, passing through the exit tunnel and down the depot branch as far as the Shenkar portal on Zeev Jabotinsky Street, along which the main route runs in a central median. The first low-speed move was protected by a police unit as local inhabitants were unfamiliar with the new transport mode.


‘This is a huge step for NTA’, said General Manager Hayim Gluek after the inaugural run. ‘We took a ride on a modern and quiet train, and I’m proud of all our achievements, which proved that we are able to do what we have promised. Within few days we will perform test run along the whole of the Red Line alignment within Petakh-Tikva.’

A second trial on June 2 saw the test train continue along the outer section of the Red Line as far as the eastern terminus at the Petakh-Tikva central bus station. Further tests are to be undertaken to verify the performance of the 1·5 kV DC power supply, plus the safety, signalling and communications systems ahead of opening.

Videos: Steve Sattler