Andorra (Photo: Tomasz Hanarz/Pixabay)

ANDORRA: Construction of a light rail line is proposed in a study commissioned by the government to consider options for reducing unsustainable growth in road traffic.

The tramway would run from Sant Julià de Lòria to Escaldes-Engordany, with three connecting cable car links to the airport, La Massana and Encamp.

There are currently, around 337 000 daily trips in the co-principality, of which 224 000 are made by private vehicles. This is predicted to reach 400 000 trips by 2030, which the government sees as being incompatible with sustainable development goals.

‘We must promote a new public transport system to avoid the collapse of the road network and, above all, to achieve the decarbonisation objectives we have set’, Minister of Economy & Business Jordi Gallardo said on December 1.

The capital cost of the tramway and cable cars is estimated at €270m, with private financing envisaged.

An inter-ministerial commission has been set up to consider the idea in more depth.