it-Trento tramway rendering

ITALY: The province of Trentino and Trento municipality have reached agreement for the construction of an 8 km tram line in the city.

Linking the northern suburb of Gardolo with the city centre, the line will have 17 stops. The line will run along Via Bolzano and Via Brennero, forming a loop in the city centre from Piazza Centa via the main line station and Via Torre Verde. It will also have an interchange with the Trento – Malé narrow-gauge railway. The city also has plans to extend the line to the south in the medium term.

In order to accommodate the tramway, two of the four lanes on Via Brennero will be given over to trams, pedestrians and cycle lanes. This will be augmented by other improvements to the urban realm including tree planting and the widening of pavements.

Procurement of contractors to build, operate and maintain the tramway is to be led by the provincial government, while applications for funding support have been lodged with the national government. The province is exploring options to develop the tramway under a PPP model.