GERMANY: Construction of the western extension of München metro line U5 to Pasing is expected to begin in January, following approval of the formal planning application by the city government on December 15.

The plans submitted on November 30 cover a 3·8 km three-station extension from the current terminus at Laimer Platz to Pasing, where interchange will be provided with the city’s S-Bahn and regional rail networks.


Tenders had already been called by the city’s building department in February 2020 for civil works on the initial Lot 1 between Laimer Platz and Willibaldstraße, which will enable construction to get underway immediately. Bids will now be invited for the Lot 2 works between Willibaldstraße, Am Knie and Pasing, so that implementation of this section can also be brought forward.

Whilst welcoming the decision, Mayor Dieter Reiter emphasised that the city faced a tight budgetary situation as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and emphasised that the U-Bahn extension could only be delivered with financial support from the new federal government. The former federal government had confirmed its commitment to provide funding on June 28. The total cost of the project is now estimated at €988m, up from an initial budget of €751m in 2015.

Meanwhile, planning has started for a further extension from Pasing to serve a new residential district under development at Freiham. An application for a proposed route has already been submitted, and detailed design and planning approval is expected to follow during 2022-23 for a potential opening around 2035-40.