Amtrak Southwest Chief

USA: Amtrak has announced an apprenticeship pilot programme providing new recruits and existing employees with opportunities for professional development.

All apprentices will take core courses including safety, environmental awareness and personal protective equipment, before moving into classroom and hands-on instruction and then branching off into craft-specific training. After three years students will take a final exam and become full mechanics.

‘The apprenticeship programme offers an opportunity for employees to develop new skills and expand their career’, said Chief Human Resources Officer Qiana Spain on May 10. ‘As we aim to produce top quality trainings that attract new and existing employees, we are thrilled to offer this opportunity.’

John Feltz, Director of the Transport Workers Union Rail Division, said ‘working people aren’t just looking for jobs, they want meaningful careers they can raise families on, in positions where they feel seen, heard, and invested in. Apprenticeship and effective training programmes, just like this one, are proven ways to grow workforces, attract and retain the right talent, and help working people expand their skillsets.’