Railway track

EUROPE: The European Rail Research Advisory Council has published a list of nine ‘transforming projects’ which it believes are needed to maximise rail’s contribution towards meeting European transport and environmental goals.

Intended to offer a framework for further decision-making on joint actions, the Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda identifies at a high level what the sector needs in terms of targeted and focused research.

The topics are:

  • smart integration for railways within door-to-door mobility;
  • rail as the backbone of a green freight logistics chain;
  • a connected and open rail framework for European mobility;
  • network management, planning and control;
  • environmentally friendly and attractive sustainable mobility;
  • assets for automated and/or autonomous and/or remotely piloted operations;
  • smart asset management and maintenance of the future;
  • non-traditional and emerging transport models and systems;
  • digital twins, simulation & virtualisation.

‘Rail has demonstrated it can satisfy the mobility needs of goods and passengers, can accommodate capacity growth and can deliver large transformation programmes’, said ERRAC Chair and Thales Vice-President Alberto Parrondo on December 7. ‘The sector is rich in ideas to make effective use of technology and innovation.’