EUROPE: The Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking has awarded €232·8m of co-funding for six research and innovation projects with a total value of €568·4m following its first call for proposals.

The Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking has succeeded the previous Shift2Rail programme. A second call for proposals covering exploratory research and other activities is to be launched by the end of September, and will be followed by others on an annual basis.

Announcing the first awards on September 9, Carlo Borghini, ERJU Executive Director, said convergence towards a ‘seamless, resilient, interoperable, sustainable and efficient’ rail network will require the sector to ‘work together, reinvent itself and leverage its strengths with a user-centric approach in mind’.

He said the projects being funded ’do exactly this — they bring together the European rail sector and allow it to transform itself through an integrated system approach that will benefit the European passengers and supply chain, and answer to EU policy objectives’.

Henrik Hololei, Director-General for Mobility & Transport at the European Commission, added that he was ‘pleased to see that the very first call from Europe’s Rail has attracted good quality projects that will modernise rail and deliver a genuine Single European Rail Area’. 

Proposal numberAcronymTitleCo-ordinating organisationCountry co-ordinatorDuration (months)Total eligible cost, €EU contribution, €
101101973 MOTIONAL MObility managemenT multImodal envirOnment aNd digitAl enabLers Hacon Germany 46 63 721 648 38 165 436
101102001 R2DATO Rail to Digital automated up to autonomous train operation SNCF France 42 127 409 114 53 904 132
101101966 IAM4RAIL holistic and Integrated Asset Management for Europe’s RAIL system ADIF Spain 48 77 042 816 46 225 689
101101917 Rail4EARTH Sustainable and green rail systems Alstom France 48 63 977 324 38 386 394
101102009 TRANS4M-R Transforming Europe’s Rail Freight Deutsche Bahn Germany 45 67 929 487 40 599 047
101101962 FutuRe Delivering Innovative rail services to revitalise capillary lines and Regional rail services Faiveley Transport France 48 25 788 685 15 484 001