Brazilian freight train.

BRAZIL: Universidade de Vassouras is offering a 20-month railway engineering course leading to a Master of Business Administration qualification.

Launched to meet demand for specialist technical knowledge as Brazil strives to revive its railway sector, the course is intended to train professionals in operations and maintenance as well as in project implementation. Both main line and urban rail topics are covered, and students will be given a strategic overview of current and future projects.

The course is aimed at graduates in engineering, law, architecture, administration, economics, geotechnology, logistics and other professions who are involved in or have had contact with the railway business. It is run by Prof Renato Soares Bahia Junior who has 19 years of railway experience including work for MRS Logística.

Universidade de Vassouras, formerly known as Severino Sombra University, is a privately-run institution located in the city of Vassouras in Rio de Janeiro state.